Breastfeeding Preparation Classes
Pregnancy is a great time to focus on breastfeeding preparation. Breastfeeding classes will be held every month. The aim of these classes are to help you gain the confidence and knowledge to understand breastfeeding. it will also guide you on how to overcome some of the challenging issues related to feeding. It may be your first time to breastfeed or perhaps you have experienced difficulties with breastfeeding in the past and would like to know what may have gone wrong. The class will give you an opportunity to ask questions in private.
The course will be designed to specifically focus on teaching you the techniques practical skills for breastfeeding while you are pregnant. it is a 3 hour class which will include videos, PowerPoint presentation, demonstration of breastfeeding aids and equipment.
The class will be very comfortable, engaging and informative. classes will also be small. You will also leave with a copy of my guide to breastfeeding successfully your partner is also welcome to join you in the classes.
Classes will be in conjunction with Maria Collins who is a Senior Dietician in the field of nutrition in pregnancy and is an opportunity to optimize your own nutrition in pregnancy therefore preparing your body to feed your baby. Maria focuses a lot on the first 1000 days which is from conception to 2 years of age, nutrition in pregnancy, breastfeeding and weaning.
Currently doing breastfeeding antenatal classes through video Link
 Following date available
28/03/20   at  10am - 12
04/03/20   at 10am - 12
More dates to follow